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hizmette 36. yıl
Chairman's Note
We have always tried to reflect the norms of engineering and architecture when building our constructions.Science has always pioneered us. Our companies contributed to the economy of Turkey considerably. read more...
Our Social Projects
Being aware of that rising in value is possible with adding value, our company selects the social project areas to which it will serve rigorously, has concluded the most required social projects in the needed areas. read more...
Our quality policy
Our engineering and art rules are our main principles in the constructions which we constructed with our history, vision/mission and values. Constructing of the constructions which provide durableness, usefulness and optimum benefit by pursuing technology and science are our main and constant objective. read more...

On-Going Projects

Together with the fact that Halil Avcı Group of Companies (Halil Avcı Şirketler Grubu) which is one of the companies in Adana carries out construction projects at out of the city, it is also one of the first organizations which carries out construction and undertaking works in abroad. Our History
Our activities which were started in Adana are still continuing at all over of Turkey and in abroad at a lot of activity areas such as construction, energy, tourism, mining, agriculture, etc., and our company has become our pride occasion by gaining award from presidents of the republic, prime ministers and a lot of statesmen, state organizations and NGO’s. Our Awards
At any place in Turkey, having conducting business for many years in several areas including construction, energy, mining, tourism, agriculture, etc., our company has provided great employment thanks to the dense construction works in Turkmenistan, and has provided dense contribution to the Turkish Economy. Our Projects